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Here we will show the most interesting products of VJmetalas.lt. Visit the gallery to see more of our works.

Pontoon ship

A pontoon ship with electric engine. Rented for sailing in the Neman, in Birštonas region. At present we are making another version of the ship, which will have a hybrid engine (electricity/petrol). If necessary, we can produce separate parts, a floating platform or a convertible roof.The customer: odisejas.lt.

Animal transportation cage

A non-standard cage for a dog, made precisely for the specific car model.

Camera Vibration Isolator

R/C buggy with camera stabiliser

Stairs wall

A decorative stairs wall.

Herbs dryer

The herbs dryer was made and installed for the 2017 drying season. First one drying chamber was installed, later there will be three. The customer: Vilkyškiai town community.

Barbecue grills

Barbecue grills for city parks. People can cook by using the grill or bring their own skewers.


Wine storage racks.

Spices dryer

We made the container and the equipment. The customer: gardutis.lt.

Lottery wheel

A lottery wheel.


A rack of adjustable width. We can produce racks according to your needs.